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Priyanka Sharma Kaintura

Writer, Expressionist


Of Gods And Their Goddesses

The one who functions from deep within is a God or Goddess. The question is do we have it in us to invoke one? Most of us are aware of the Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva trinity. The purpose of this trinity has been iterated to us over generations, describing Brahma as the creator, Vishnu as the preserver and Shiva as the destroyer. Most of us also know that Brahma’s partner is Saraswati, Vishnu’s…

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The Urban Wanderer or Not

Wanderer: a person who travels aimlessly. Most of my adult life I have fantasized to be a wanderer. If I were to deconstruct what my fantasy truly seeks, it nearly culminates at a day dream of being not only purposeless but also rootless. It’s a lust to be free, free from all accountabilities. What a blissful place that would be. If it exists that is! Google knows this all too…

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Readers' Reviews

My Jiffies is exactly what you must have on your bedside

If you’re not the long-read kind of person, My Jiffies is exactly what you must have on your bedside. But, mind you, these short reads invoke a multitude of emotions and each story will make you go – ‘Oh gosh! Never really thought of this!’ Now, this is what exactly will keep you glued to this book because it is not just a narration...

- Kriti Makhija

Beautifully written. The short stories get you engrossed and ...

Once you start reading, you can’t stop; beautifully written. The short stories get you engrossed and one starts retrospecting and appreciates life. I love the author’s sensitivity and approach to life. An excellent read! Waiting for the next book

- M Byrne

It will make you reminisce

A collection of short stories that are bite sized, but they are still deep and meaningful. They invoke a thought process and in many cases, it will make you reminisce. This is not a collection of short stories. Not really, no. This is a collection of thoughts, musings, experiences, and feelings.

- Anish Kohli