Priyanka Sharma Kaintura

Writer, Expressionist

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness said, Mark Twain. Priyanka spent her teens in various cities and towns of India because of the nature of her father's job. These movements gave her the plinth for a regional and cultural contextualization of thought process. It not only taught her to accept a new beginning every couple of years but also gave her a window to people from various beliefs and values.

She studied science at school and then leapt into business management and gathered herself a career in marketing and communications. She has 18 years of prolific corporate experience in local and global organizations.

Eldest of the three sisters, she was raised to be perceptive. Somewhere along the journey, making quiet observations and listening became a part of her personality. Storytelling consequently came to her quite early as a way of life. Partly because of the atmosphere at home that initiated her into Urdu literature, and the influence of her grandparents through her adolescent years; besides her own love for insights and expression.

This so-called home-schooling is also what makes the base for her style of writing. Her continuous conversations with her father brimming with their observations of the world are fairly visible in her Jiffies and that evidently laid the foundation of the woman she was to become.

The other two key contributors to her flair for storytelling have been her grandmothers. Her grannie put her to sleep every night by telling her stories, a new one every night by diktat. This set her basics into Hindu mythology which lends to her writing a very distinctive, erudite and endearing expression.

Her maternal grandmother would meet her every few years and tell her ever awe-inspiring tales from her own life. Her influence revealed to a young Priyanka the transience of life, bringing in the much-needed gravitas in her writing.

In her husband, she found an ‘intellectual-courter' and the dialogues only became richer with world history, politics, business and spirituality. Adding to all this Priyanka's work-life was about drawing observations and deriving correlations for business, fostering a perpetual spectator in her. This aptitude eventually changed everything for her.

She says in the preface of her book, with her tongue well placed in her cheek "My Jiffies are very short stories, which I irrefutably owe to my profession that demands pithy writing. And perchance to the men in my life, who braved to retain more than three short sentences at a given point of time. Of course, barring the situations they felt hopelessly attracted to endure my loquacious opinions. Jokes aside, I am truly grateful."

Her book illustrates a bespectacled owl, who appears to be the one taking the reader through the excursion of experiencing the book in seven different sections. The owl is usually known for wisdom which makes a rather good fit for taking up the role of deciphering the tacit sentiments and messages turned upside down, netted in the book.

When asked what inspires her to write Priyanka says - "Human vulnerabilities and their tussles to dress them with words or in silence, inspire me to write"

Priyanka is a perpetual observer, an explorer who writes about society, love, relationships and mythological interpretation.

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