Of Gods And Their Goddesses

June 28, 2017

The one who functions from deep within is a God or Goddess. The question is do we have it in us to invoke one? Most of us are aware of the Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva trinity. The purpose of this trinity has been iterated to us over generations, describing Brahma as the creator, Vishnu as the preserver and Shiva as the destroyer. Most of us also know that Brahma’s partner is Saraswati, Vishnu’s…

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The Urban Wanderer or Not

June 1, 2017

Wanderer: a person who travels aimlessly. Most of my adult life I have fantasized to be a wanderer. If I were to deconstruct what my fantasy truly seeks, it nearly culminates at a day dream of being not only purposeless but also rootless. It’s a lust to be free, free from all accountabilities. What a blissful place that would be. If it exists that is! Google knows this all too…

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It’s Not a Man’s World. It’s a Masculine World

March 8, 2017

My taxi driver this morning in a passing comment told me how his father calls him every evening without fail and asks him about the money he has made in the day. While his mother’s first question on a call, classically is – if he has had his meal, followed by a balmy conversation, ranging from his daily-schedule to his future to his girl and simple joys of life. This…

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Mulling Over the Mulled Wine at 40 (and Its Many Joys)

December 31, 2016

It was around Christmas and I happened to be in London for work. After a long day, I went wandering along Thames with a resident colleague when he walked into a place while I sat on a bench watching the river flow. He came back with two warm glasses of mulled wine, handed me mine and wished me Happy Christmas. We had talked enough through the day and I was…

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My Jiffies was something that I found by chance, but it seemed to echo what my heart wanted to hear. These Jiffies has the way of combining the magical sublime and truth so beautifully, that you feel mesmerised. It is the science of the heart

-Anjali Uthup Kurian

Profound. I am spell bound by your posts. Simple and thought provoking

Subramanian Meenakshi, Dubai(UAE)

Straight to the heart stories that make me react, that make me remember, connect and think on...enjoyable discoveries every time I read something here

Kiranjeet Chatruvedi

Love your oeuvre! Your work and expressions touches a cord in my heart. It seems you understand very well how the other person is feeling and pen it down right there at the moment so explicitly and appropriately. I am not an avid reader but I am so inspired that I will pick up a copy of your book

Sweta Sachdev

Very beautiful with awesome narrations of amazing genres. Beautiful writing... profound content with emotions so rightly wrapped with words, making it a page of depth!

Liril Machaiah

Nice piece of work!

Uttara Mazumdar

Beautiful way of describing your thoughts. Love the way you describe things with such ease

Neha Gupta

Anything you write, I love. The best part is the vivid topics you choose

Stutee Ishwar Pant

There is a magic in your narration and your choice of language

Lakshminarayanan Kolipaka

Beautifully penned emotions, real and unadulterated...Love reading your Jiffies

Smita Das Choudhury

A beautiful page with mind-blowing short stories... touches the heart somewhere deep! Great work Priyanka... Would love to see more contests in the page

 – Arundhati Bhattacharyya

Awesome selection of words to express out the feelings... luved it.

Manisha Sharma

Lines that always manage to tug a string straight to the heart. Makes u warm n keeps u smilin' as u go thru... Just can't get enough!

Philip Laishram

Your writing tugs, pulls, pushes, erodes, caress and puts it right there. At times it's the context, a word, a phrase, a joint, thread, picture or just a feeling that it seeds. Jiffies- springs from all things which are small and insignificant to the rational mind and lead to a brighter and beautiful within. Let the stories flow for the lands it crosses in its path just flourishes and grows!! Encore for more and more't get enough!

Rachna Arora