Monologues and Dialogues


One day Shakti was talking to Shiva about the intricate ways of love and Shiva was quietly but intently listening to her. Unexpectedly Shakti got inquisitive, sprang to Shiva’s feet, pressed her hands on his knees and asked “Tell me Adiyogi, what is love? What is it that you feel for me?” Shiva, known for his eternal peace and little need for communication looked at Shakti, smiled dotingly and said…

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John: It’s amazing how everyone is so mindful about their appearance Jane: Of course. That’s how the businesses of fashion, cosmetics and so many other thrive. Who wouldn’t want to be attractive? It’s an unrelenting desire. Whether one achieves it or not is altogether a separate discussion but everyone wants it John: Yeah! I wonder if we dedicate even quarter of that energy to being good! Jane: Now that’s inwards!…

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