Ashwin closes a nasty call with his father. His blood pressure on the higher side he struggles to decide as to who was in the wrong between the two of them. What he clearly knows however is that they both feel right in their own right and they both blurted remarks that they will deeply regret. Wearing his practiced defense he goes home, rings the door bell, his wife Vibha…

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Part 1 I was almost prepared to go to bed when I thought a frail whimper fell on my ears. Alone in the quiet room I stopped the rubbing of cream on my feet and held my breath to listen in. And I heard another moan. I got off the bed and went close to the window to see if there was anyone in the balconies around or the lawns…

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One day a pair of rather small sized pigeons caught my attention by circling the skies around my house. One of them then perched on a sill watched the other glide gracefully in the air with its head down and wings spread-out. Their bobbing heads and mouths preening each other’s feathers told they were courting. A day later I saw them bringing in twigs and grass blades. Perpetually outraged by…

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