Eccendentesiast is
The one who fakes a smile,
The one who hides his feelings behind a beam,
The one who represses his pain by stifling a smile
I consider all the skillful smiles I have smiled, including,
The one upon breaking into a melody while watching
the absent world through the abandoned window,
The one upon the half pint of beer in my hand and the diremembered poetry from the past ringing in my mind,
The one at the decision for the fifth lap in the pool
beneath the water only to block my thinking out,
The one at my silhouette in the glass door before tying
the running shoes at the daybreak to outrun my mind,
The one upon pressing a cigarette between my lips
gazing at the blank sky blowing out the smoke from my heart,
The one at the sight of bags full of shopping through the day
yet no intent to make use of the good buys
The one at the shadow of two people holding one-another
firmly yet softly, telling will never let go,
I discover, we are all Eccendentesiasts
Not every smile is from happiness
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