I can’t place if it’s the raging citizen journalism or the wrong end of some intellectual courting or purely the freedom of speech, however all that brushes my senses these days can only be called a commotion. It’s a systematic racket erected by terabytes of incoherent content floating on the worldwide web. What makes it worse is that a voice of agreement to any prevalent belief makes one look ordinary, and who wants to be ordinary. I don’t know if the corporate culture is to be blamed for it, but we have turned into habitual challengers. In the pursuit to better the process of ideation have we invited a tumult?
Some time back it was a non-issue of playing the national anthem in cinema halls. Perhaps the anthem was harming something and I was too naïve to see it so I waited for sanity to visit me back. Few weeks later there were articles floating for and against the debate on Dangal parents. What got the better of me was – “Tiger Dad Mahavir Singh Phogat uses physical and psychological abuse to bend his daughters to his will”. I assume the title ‘Tiger’ comes from the illustrious Tiger Mom – Amy Chua, who in my small view is quite a success story with her kids despite the furor her Asian principles produced. Another debate that got my attention was – why girls are made to wear skirts for their school uniform as against a pair of trousers. My humble response was – because they are girls! I am hoping there are data points to substantiate that majority of girls don’t enjoy the feminine way of dressing to make this a debate in the first place.
With so many intellectuals most things converge into a discourse. Discourses about politics, parenting, schooling and things that are wrong with the people today. Note the two keywords – People and Wrong. So who is ‘people’? I am I do believe. And what is really wrong with me? As I begin appraising myself step by step I find hardly anything wrong with the people yet find many things wrong with my own self. Call me daft but after having done this I find little room for debate in most matters because it’s mostly me who is in the wrong.
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